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1. What should we provide to get a quotation?
Synork: Please send Gerber files and specifications for PCB price evaluation, Bom list for assembly qutoation. To finish assembly, we also need pick place files for locating each components.
2. How long can I expect get the quoations?
Synork: In 24 hours.
3. What is the lead time for normal PCB?
Synork: Shortest lead time of 24 hours for prototyping (Expedited service). 2-5 working days for normal lead time for prototyping. Lead time for mass production depends on volume of the order.
4. What is the highest layer you can make?
Synork: 32 layer for prototyping.
Synork: Normally, the depth of the v-cut this 1/3 thickness of the board.
Synork: Pad Space size should be greater than 0.352mm, otherwise there is no solder mask between the pads. it happened for most of the fine pitch IC pads, usually there is no solder mask bridge between the fine pitch IC pads, but it will not effect the PCB Assembling process.
Synork: The minimum width is 0.8mm for the non-plated milling slo, 0.65mm for plated slot.

Synork: 8x8cm.

So if you need to penelize small PCBs, make sure the final big panel's dimension is not smaller than 8x8cm. If there are too many small board in the panel, we will charge you certain additional fee for the V-cut process.

9. I'd like to know if you can produce and do PCBA for flexible circuit boards.

Synork: Yes, we are able to produce and do PCBA for flexible circuit boards (FPCB). And even for Rigid-Flexible PCB.

10. What kind of tests do you do after PCBA?

Synork: We do visual inspection, basic short circuit test and power-on test (input voltage and expected current need to be offered by clients). We strongly recommend you to offer functional test procedures to ensure quality before shipment.

Firstly, we source components from our local reliable vendors or distributors to get reasonable prices, guaranteed quality and lead time. If some of the components have to be ordered abroad, we will source and order components from DigiKey, Mouser, Future, Master or Farnell through our licensed agent.

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